The US has banned all hoverboard imports that aren’t from Segway

  The ongoing saga of the hoverboard has taken another swivel. Today (Mar. 17) the US International Trade Commission has called for a ban on all hoverboard imports to the country which infringe on patents of Segway, creator of the original T-barred self-balancing scooter. The ITC’s public notice states that it has issued a General Exclusion Order that forces all devices that violate Segway’s intellectual property be blocked by US customs. Previous crackdowns on hoverboard imports and sales […]

YouTube Guy Explains How to Build Your Own Hoverboard — For Reals

  We’ve been teased plenty by the promise of a hoverboard like the one Marty McFly rides in “Back to the Future Part II.” There was that Lexus announcement and the release of the Hendo Hover, but both of those need special surfaces to work. Then, just last week, a company called Arca Space Corporation released a hoverboard that could work on lots of different surfaces, but costs $19,900 (about £13,520, AU$27,690). Who knew getting your own working […]

How 2015 became the year of the hoverboard

They don’t fly, but that hasn’t stopped their endless rise.Christopher Furlong/Getty Images Chances are someone you know unwrapped a hoverboard on Christmas morning. The self-balancing skateboards were among the most popular toys of 2015 — and the most controversial. That’s because they’ve demonstrated an alarming propensity to catch on fire. The federal government is investigating them. Major airlines have banned them. Amazon in the UK told customers who bought hoverboards that, actually, they should probably […]