The Information Age is over; welcome to the Experience Age

Twenty-five years after the introduction of the World Wide Web, the Information Age is coming to an end. Thanks to mobile screens and Internet everywhere, we’re now entering what I call the “Experience Age.” When was the last time you updated your Facebook status? Maybe you no longer do? It’s been reported that original status updates by Facebook’s 1.6 billion users are down 21 percent. The status box is an icon of the Information Age, a period […]

The Future of Drones: Uncertain, Promising and Pretty Awesome

When filmmaker George Lucas popularized droids — worker robots designed to tend to humanity’s every need — in the 1977 movie “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope,” he seemed like a sci-fi visionary. But fast-forward nearly 40 years, and the idea of flying surveillance cameras, robotic companions and even unmanned aircraft carrying supplies around the planet is swiftly becoming mainstream. The first drone delivery in the United States took place this past summer, […]

The US has banned all hoverboard imports that aren’t from Segway

  The ongoing saga of the hoverboard has taken another swivel. Today (Mar. 17) the US International Trade Commission has called for a ban on all hoverboard imports to the country which infringe on patents of Segway, creator of the original T-barred self-balancing scooter. The ITC’s public notice states that it has issued a General Exclusion Order that forces all devices that violate Segway’s intellectual property be blocked by US customs. Previous crackdowns on hoverboard imports and sales […]

Apple has shut down the first fully-functional Mac OS X ransomware

Apple has shut down what appears to have been the first, fully-functional ransomware targeting Mac computers. This particular form of cyber threat involves malware that encrypts the data on your personal computer so you can no longer access it. Afterwards, the hackers request that you pay them in a hard-to-trace digital currency – in this case, bitcoin – in order to for you retrieve your files. This ransomware, called KeRanger,” was first reported by researchers at Palo […]

Forget driveless cars, Gmail’s new security features just might save you from getting fired one day

Google Apps for Work Unlimited customers can now benefit from better attachment scanning in Gmail that uses optical character recognition to check before sensitive document copies or images are sent out of your company via email. Google’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) launched late last year to automatically check all outgoing emails as per policies set up by your company admin and this new scanning feature can now be turned on in the backend. There are […]

Drone Capable Of Carrying A Human At 100KM Per Hour Unveiled

Drones are everywhere these days. The proverbial tool of the future, they are used to deliver aid to war-torn areas, fly over inaccessible lava lakes, and take elaborate selfies. The U.S. military are even developing “vampire drones” that self-destruct in sunlight. Now, a Chinese manufacturer has unveiled a drone that is able to carry humans through the air, which if demonstrated would be a world-first for drone technology, according to CNN. Although this sounds remarkably similar […]

Apple Music Tops 11 Million Subscribers; iCloud Reaches 782 Million

At the beginning of this year, Apple Music had surpassed 10 million subscribers, according to a report from the Financial Times. Now, Apple SVP Eddy Cue has confirmed this figure. In fact, he gave a more precise number – the company has just passed over 11 million subscribers, he says. This tidbit and more were revealed on John Gruber’s “The Talk Show” podcast where Cue and SVP Craig Federighi joined to dish about features in upcoming OS releases, Apple’s […]

Facebook’s ‘Mentions’ App For Celebrities And Other Verified Users Comes To Android

News just in that’s strictly for the one-percenters among us: Facebook Mentions, the service for verified users of the global social network, is now available for users with Android devices.The app isn’t open to all, you need that elusive blue tick of verification/fame to get it. That’s because it’s designed to give verified users a way to easily share public status updates, photos and videos with fans on the go — all without spamming their actual friends […]

Is The Password Dead? The Future Of Web And Mobile Authentication

Richard Reiner Crunch Network Contributor Will 2016 be the year when passwords become obsolete? Or will we just continue to grin and bear it? And what’s the matter with passwords, anyway? Passwords have been around a long time (think about soldiers entering armed camps at night and giving the secret password), but today, the average consumer uses 25 or more sites and apps that rely on passwords. A strong password is a dozen or more characters […]

Work happy – the secret formula

Have you ever watched a Formula one race before? The suspense, excitement and rush that builds up before the race, and all this are in expectation of the unexpected which is to begin at the sound of the gunshot. I think this picture is replayed in our everyday lives as you move from one place to another, jumping from one building to another, meeting to another, one project to another and at the end of the […]

WeChat Adds Skype-Like International Calls To Its Messaging App

WeChat, the Uber popular Chinese message app with more than 500 million active users, is taking a leaf out of the Skype playbook after it launched an international telephone calling service. The service is initially available for users based in the U.S., Hong Kong and India, but it will roll out to others over time. ‘WeChat Out’ is different from the existing calling options inside WeChat (voice and video) because it allows for calls to actual phone […]

YouTube Guy Explains How to Build Your Own Hoverboard — For Reals

  We’ve been teased plenty by the promise of a hoverboard like the one Marty McFly rides in “Back to the Future Part II.” There was that Lexus announcement and the release of the Hendo Hover, but both of those need special surfaces to work. Then, just last week, a company called Arca Space Corporation released a hoverboard that could work on lots of different surfaces, but costs $19,900 (about £13,520, AU$27,690). Who knew getting your own working […]

Where Will Social Media Users Go In 2016?

A new infographic produced by AdWeek draws off exclusive eMarketer data to break down 2015/2016 social network demographics. Where can we expect to see social media users setting up camp in the coming months? Where will we see them flooding out the exit gates? Social Network Demographics: Key Takeaways Embedded in these six pie charts is some very valuable information. If you’re not a data-person, we’ve got a few observations of our own for you to […]